How do I know if the people in my life are good for me?

Have you ever noticed that when you’re around some people you feel great about yourself and when you’re around other people you feel like you’re wearing ugly clothes on a bad hair day?  The energy between you and the people you spend time with has a big impact on how you feel, how well you do, and how confident you feel in every aspect of living your life.  If you feel drained, tired, maybe even a little depressed, that could say something about the quality of energy in the relationships in your life. In growth-fostering relationships you feel like you matter, like you’re valued, respected and cared for.

As a relational-cultural therapist, I help people attract and deepen relationships that offer the 5 good things that are the hallmarks of growth-fostering relationships:  increased zest and energy, relational courage, increased self-knowledge, increased self-worth and a motivation and skill to build more positive life-enriching relationships.  We humans are social creatures.  We grow and thrive in connection with others.  It takes knowledge, skill and practice to create and sustain life-affirming relationships.  Increasing your relational intelligence can improve how you feel, how you live and how you love.  If you’re struggling in your relationships or feel like you’re unable to connect with others, send me an email and let’s see if we can work together to help you build your relational confidence to live in joyful, authentic connection with others.

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