Civility in the Workplace

Consultation & Custom Designed Training – Studies and polls indicate that Americans view incivility as a serious problem that is getting worse. Disrespectful, discourteous and rude behaviors are disturbingly commonplace. Workplace incivility includes several negative behaviors such as passive aggressiveness, bullying, disregard, insults, degrading comments, malicious gossip, bad manners, social and professional exclusion and a general lack of consideration for other people in the office. Disrespectful and uncivil behaviors drain productivity and negatively influence an organization’s bottom line. Civility in the workplace promotes a low stress/high productivity work environment and improved employee morale. It is a value that successful organizations strive to achieve. To be able to build and maintain itself as a viable entity capable of reaching its full potential an organization must be able to manage its interpersonal relationships in a manner that promotes positive interactions that are civil and respectful. This is not an easy task considering the myriad personalities and individual circumstances that impact workplace interactions.

Workplace incivility can lead to:

Civility in the workplace training can help create a positive culture of creative cooperation in your organization. Giving your managers and human resource personnel the tools they need to recognize and reverse the effects of workplace incivility can dramatically help your employees work better together with respect, commitment to excellence and success.