Premarital Counseling

You’re engaged and in love and ready to build a life-long partnership. From looking around at friends and family, you know that many marriages don’t last. You want yours to beat the odds and stand the tests of time. Perhaps you are apprehensive that, much as you love each other, this is a huge step you are about to take. Or, one or both of you may have been married before and you want to learn from your past because you know how things can go wrong. Maybe you have families to blend and assets to share and need some help with complicated decisions that are part of creating a remarried family. You both know enough to know how quickly lovers can go from living a life of their dreams to living a really bad, endless nightmare. The love you feel for one another is a great fortune that needs to be tended and protected so that the challenges of day to day living don’t erode the strong foundation you’ve established. Premarital counseling can be a powerful means to realize the full potential of your relationship. 

An investment in six premarital counseling sessions before the wedding could help you ground your honeymoon feelings in a reality that can last, so you can be among the very fortunate couples who stay together happily supporting each other through life.