Financial Therapy

Money is something all of us need as much as air, water, food. Many of us relate to this essential life energy with avoidance and fear. An avoidant or troubled relationship with money can be a contributing cause of anxiety, depression and conflict in personal and professional relationships. 

It is impossible to live a fully healthy, happy, peaceful life while neglecting or abusing the financial domain of life. Our relationship to money can influence the quality of all our other relationships, social, romantic and professional. We can’t change what we don’t see. Examining financial issues in therapy is a way to work through confusing feelings associated with money matters and discover the beliefs and emotions that influence your spending and saving patterns..

Through a series of conversations and exercises we will examine your money beliefs and behaviors and develop a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Agreed Upon, Realistic, Timely) Money Plan to increase your sense of financial control and security to improve your overall financial/emotional well-being. In these sessions we’ll examine the spoken and unspoken money lessons you learned in your family of origin. We’ll identify your conscious and unconscious money values and your attitudes that influence spending, saving and borrowing habits. We’ll identify money behaviors that will lead you to your financial goals and create a plan of action to enable you to honor your money and enjoy your life.

To learn more about my approach, read my profile in the Journal of Financial Therapy here.