Tensions rising between business partners

Dear Roseann About 6 months ago I started a business with a long-time and much respected colleague.  Things started off with a huge bang!  We

What stops me from being able to love?

Dear Roseann What stops me from being able to love? I’m single and 35 years old and never have a problem finding people to date. 

Flirting with a co-worker?

Dear Roseann Does my boredom with my life and my interest in a co-worker mean my marriage is in trouble? I’ve been married for 12

Executive Anxiety

Dear Roseann I recently was promoted to a senior management position at a large bank.  While I’m very excited about this opportunity, I’ve been feeling

Making Choices

Dear Roseann I grew up in a home with very controlling parents who gave me very little freedom.  As an adult I now have a

Please, No More Diets!

Dear Roseann I make the same promise to myself all the time and never follow through. That is to exercise more, eat less, lose weight.