Individual Counseling

Life presents us with challenges and sometimes problems are too big to solve without professional help. Romantic, social and family relationships are often complicated and can get confusing. Professional/career interactions and choices can be troubling. Symptoms of anxiety and depression can burden and limit us in ways that prevent us from living life with joy and energy. Grief, loss or trauma can keep us stuck in sadness while life passes us by. When we’re going through difficulties alone, it’s hard to see a way out. Hope and empathy form the foundations of my work… helping people to clearly see options and possibilities, to care for themselves more fully, and to imagine what might be, to find the trust, strength, and courage to take the first important steps to creating a better life.

The right therapy can help you transform:

Recent neurosciences research shows that our brains can literally change as a result of our thoughts, actions and relationships. I can help you maximize your brain’s capacity to change by guiding you to put into practice research-proven principles that will bring you the results you want. When we meet for the first time, we’ll get to know each other and determine how we will work together to help you create the life you want. We’ll explore the source of the symptoms and design an action plan to lead you to happiness and optimal emotional health and well-being..