Organization Counseling

The workplace can be a breeding ground for unhappy workers and stressed-out managers, leading to lost productivity, slow growth and in the worst cases, all out business failure. There are ways to stop the downturn and revitalize morale. I can help you identify opportunities and strategies to build strong, collaborative teams to work more effectively to reach organizational goals. In custom-designed workplace training sessions, I help work teams use positivity strategies to foster cooperative collaboration and innovative creativity resulting in improved organizational morale, increased productivity, and higher profit. When employees have optimistic and positive attitudes towards their work and each other, the result is a more innovative, productive and successful organization. Positive psychology theory applied to the workplace can result in increased client retention, collaborative, creative problem solving and higher profit. Successful business leaders recognize that professional success is a product of a genuinely happy, emotionally and professionally invested, energized workforce. Workplace positivity training can help both managers and team members alike. Successful leaders who manage groups of people at all organizational levels with attention to increasing happiness on the job enjoy the benefit that come with an actively engaged workforce. Positivity is contagious and spreads quickly from leadership to workforce to clients and customers. I can help you identify strategies to strengthen structures, procedures and systems that support employee engagement, increase investment and capacity to work creatively in a state of flow. Together we can create a positivity training program that gets the workplace results you want.