Lose the “Diet” – Lose the Weight

Do you feel afraid of food and feel ashamed and guilty about your eating behavior?
Do you sometimes eat compulsively without thinking or even tasting?
Do you sometimes sneak eat so that you can pretend that eating event never happened?
Do you feel ashamed and self-conscious about your how you eat and how you look?
Do you want to trade all that to have a peaceful relationship with food, live at a comfortable body weight, feel good about yourself and enjoy the pleasures of healthy eating?
Do you want to develop a way of eating and a relationship with food and your body that works for you?

A Positive, Mindful and Nutritionally Informed Approach to Eating for Emotional and Physical Wellness.

 Imagine yourself in a relationship with food that feeds your body, your mind and your spirit. Imagine the simple peace of lovingly feeding your hunger, giving yourself nutritious food when you need food and not using food to fill emptiness and longings that food simply can’t fill. Imagine yourself eating joyfully when you’re hungry and mindfully stopping when you’re full. Imagine yourself at a weight that enables you to live fully in good physical health and confident well being.

Together we’ll look at your food and body beliefs, feelings and behaviors to help you transform your eating behavior in way that works for you. This is not a quick fix approach or a diet that you will go on for a while like a punishment that will end. It’s a journey to a healthier life and a safer and saner relationship with food and your body.