Please, No More Diets!

Dear Roseann

I make the same promise to myself all the time and never follow through. That is to exercise more, eat less, lose weight. Every year my weight goes up and I can’t seem to change the bad eating habits that keep me stuck in the same big fat place year after year after year. I don’t want to give up but trying yet another diet seems like a hopeless plan destined to make me feel like a big fat failure one more time. I’ve been hearing about mindful eating and I see you have a program. Could you please tell me about it?

Sandy – Evanston

Dear Sandy

It sounds like this problem has been causing you a lot of pain for a long time. You certainly aren’t alone in this wish to lose weight and increase fitness. Recent research on weight loss success has shown that a focus on changing what’s going on in your mind is just as important as changing what you put into your mouth. Dieting and on-going restricting of food intake doesn’t work well for the long-term. Most of the people who lose weight by dieting gain it back unless they change their relationships to themselves, their bodies and food.

Mindful eating is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that addresses what you believe, what you feel and how you behave. This approach will guide you to love yourself and gain a sense of power over your life as you learn to honor your physical and emotional needs, trust yourself and free up your emotional energy to live vibrantly without shame and sorrow around food and your body.

Be well,

Roseann Adams, LCSW

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